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Self Care for New MomsMy best friend from college had her first baby six months ago. I adore my “niece” and I was there when she was born, and I was able to stay to help my friend for several days after her delivery. And my friend needed all the emotional and physical support she could get. Take care of a baby is an exhausting 24/7 responsibility that never ends. Her husband works night shifts, so he is sleeping most of the day, and unfortunately can’t give her the help that a partner working day shifts can. As a result, my friend is always exhausted and stressed. She doesn’t eat well – because she has no time to eat with taking care of her baby – and she’s lost a lot of weight. Her short term memory is out the window, and her mood suffers. She is neglecting her self-care.

Self-care is so important when you are a new mom. It will help keep your sanity.

So what are some self-care tips for new mothers? (Not all of these may help you and some may not be realistic depending on other factors, but I hope they help, even a little!) [click to continue…]


How to Survive the NICU As a New ParentRecently, a friend of mine had a baby. She had a textbook pregnancy and gave birth right on schedule to an almost nine-pound baby. It should have been the happiest day of her life.

But it wasn’t.

At some point during the delivery or before, the baby inhaled meconium and developed an infection. Instead of cuddling her new little one in her arms, the mom and dad were frantically driving to a hospital in a larger city as their new baby was airlifted to their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, or NICU for short.

How do families deal with having their dreams deferred by a side trip to the NICU? How can you prepare for an experience like that? How can you help a friend of family member that is looking at their baby through a plastic crib cover? [click to continue…]


Even though this article is about the leading causes of death in women, it is not meant to bring doom and gloom. Rather, educate you so you can be prepared and take action. Among the many women I have talked to, all say the same thing. They want to put others first and themselves last. But remember, just like the flight attendant always says on a plane, put your mask on first before helping others because you can’t help anyone if your dead.  Take care of yourself so you can take care of your loved ones. [click to continue…]



“Every long journey begins with a single step.”

These are words I live by.  My journey with Lyme is a long and devastating one. Lyme is considered a health crisis in the United States. It was certainly my health crisis.  It was October 2008 when I became ill, first semester of college during midterms.  I became sick with extreme fatigue and flu symptoms and was diagnosed with a mono-like illness.  It forced me to medically withdraw. I was told bed rest was the only way to get better so I did that.  After many, many months of not getting better I began to pursue the true cause.  I never knew this journey would stretch years with dozens of doctors and ending almost with my death. [click to continue…]


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