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Baby-Swinging Yoga Video: Real or Fake?

I am disturbed on many, many levels. There’s a bizarre YouTube video that’s been getting a lot of attention today. “Baby Yoga with Lena Fokina” shows a woman casually swinging and tossing a baby around, holding the infant by its arms and ankles.

Here’s a screenshot from the YouTube Video:

The real video is truly disturbing…

Watching the video makes me want to cringe. I can’t figure out if the baby is real or not . . . or what sex the baby is. (I’m guessing it’s a girl, since I don’t see any proof of a “wee-wee.”) The baby moves at the beginning, middle, and at the very end of the video, but when “Lena Fokina” is swinging him around, he doesn’t move. Perhaps it’s clever video editing. I truly hope it’s not a real baby.

If this is real, the baby would have suffered serious injuries. You can’t swing a baby around that much without hurting him. This video has had strong responses from YouTube viewers, too. Here just a few of the comments viewers have left:

“Must be fake – the baby would have suffered from massive organ displacement and ergo internal bleeding – killing it in seconds due to it’s size.”

“Flag and report as child abuse – against Youtube’s terms of service. This isn’t Russia.”

“I have a new baby (less than 2 weeks old). How the h— can someone do that with their baby? Swinging him or her over your back? Exercise for baby or exercise for mother, because that woman looked like she was getting a sweat. I watched this video a few times hoping that the baby was fake, but I see a real baby. Even in the way she swings the baby around, it looks like she is “trying to be careful” in her obviously super abusive movements. Russia has some serious problems – if they think this is ok.”

“This is child abuse and seems very dangerous that woman should be arrested that poor baby.”

“Would somebody PLEASE report this person to the proper authorities? Or tell me how to do it. I’m very new to this. But I believe it is both unethical and amoral to watch child abuse and not report it. I don’t care where she lives. There_ are laws to protect children almost everywhere. PLEASE ACT, instead of just reacting!”

Gawker’s report on this story has been impeccable. Apparently, there are other baby-swinging videos available. Watch more of them: Baby-Swinging Yoga Mystery Deepens: New Video, More Babies

UPDATE: The baby swinging video is REAL. Read more: OMG – Baby Swinging Video is REAL.

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  • Lanena512000 January 25, 2011, 4:18 am

    it looks like a real baby to me. he or she appears to be crying at 3:11. what a horrible video. 🙁 but the baby seems to have a lot of upper strength, i’m guessing he’s used to this.

  • Anonymous January 8, 2011, 1:04 am

    From what I’ve read, it’s apparently a new fad or something in Russia or the Ukraine. I agree, it’s really, really disturbing. The story has made national news in the US and Russia. I hope it’s a fake baby, not a real one.

  • Collectionsfrommyheart January 7, 2011, 11:49 pm

    excuse my french but what the *k. im seriouslly distrubed by this, its not amusing at all someone needs to call cps why on earth would anyone do this

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