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Surviving the NICU As a New Parent

How to Survive the NICU As a New ParentRecently, a friend of mine had a baby. She had a textbook pregnancy and gave birth right on schedule to an almost nine-pound baby. It should have been the happiest day of her life.

But it wasn’t.

At some point during the delivery or before, the baby inhaled meconium and developed an infection. Instead of cuddling her new little one in her arms, the mom and dad were frantically driving to a hospital in a larger city as their new baby was airlifted to their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, or NICU for short.

How do families deal with having their dreams deferred by a side trip to the NICU? How can you prepare for an experience like that? How can you help a friend of family member that is looking at their baby through a plastic crib cover? [click to continue…]


Choosing the Best Pacifiers for Baby

Pacifiers are so helpful when you’re a new mom. Sometimes the best way to soothe a cranky, screaming baby is to just insert a pacifier into your baby’s mouth. Babies have a natural instinct to suck; many infants in utero suck their little thumbs. The sucking action can calm your baby and help him or her sleep. Some babies are suckers – these infants will suck on their thumbs or fingers if there’s no pacifiers around. Plus, another benefit of using pacifiers is that it may reduce the risk of SIDS – sudden infant death syndrome.
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Baby Congestion: How to Clear Baby’s Stuffy Nose

how to clear baby's nose

Baby congestion can be hard to handle, and play with your mommy feelings. A baby with a stuffy nose are cranky and miserable, and as a parent, it hurts your heart to see your baby all congested and crying. A baby’s stuffy nose can make it hard for her to breathe well, and if you’re breastfeeding, it can make it more difficult for your baby to nurse well. Young babies under four months old with congestion can have a difficult time sleeping and feeding, so it’s your job to clear your baby’s congested, stuffy nose and get them to feeling better soon.

Infants can’t blow their nose – they don’t start learning how to until they’re toddlers. It’s up to you to help your baby feel better – fast. So what can you do to clear your baby’s congested, stuffy nose?
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How to Keep Baby Warm in Winter

Keeping Baby Warm in Winter

How do you keep your baby warm in winter, especially when it is freezing outside? This most recent winter is the harshest most of the United States has experienced for fifteen to twenty years. And if you have a new baby at home, you might be worried on how to best keep your little bundle of joy warm and comfy.

Keeping a baby warm in the winter can be tricky, because piling on layers of blankets and bedding is simply not an option with a young baby. You don’t want to run the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), which can affect any child under age one. Too many blankets or bedding can also run the risk of a baby overheating, and accidental suffocation.

So, what’s a new parent to do?
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