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Baby Milestone Chart (Infographic)

From the time your baby is born, he or she will undergo dramatic change in the first two years of life. Your baby’s diet will change from breast milk (or formula) to solid foods, then finger foods, and so on. Your baby’s physical development will astound you. For example, you will love hearing your baby’s coos, his or her first words, and his or her first sentence.

I found this really impressive baby milestone chart – which will take you through your baby’s development month-to-month. You will learn how your baby’s dietary needs will change, his or her physical development, language development, and cognitive development. It is amazing how much a baby will change in the first two years of life.

And if you’re wondering how expensive a baby’s first year will be, this infographic also gives you an interesting view. For instance, did you know that in the first year alone, you will spend $2,000 in disposable diapers? And $1,700 in formula (if you don’t breastfeed).

Check it out, and let me know what you think!
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Should You Become a Single Mother by Choice?

Decision to Have ChildrenEven in our modern society, when we hear of a woman becoming pregnant we immediately assume she is part of a loving relationship – either a committed relationship, or a marriage. But of course, things do not always work out like this. Not every woman is able to find her Prince Charming, and with her biological clock ticking, she may make the decision to become a single mother by choice.

Some women are desperate to have a child and become a mother. Having a baby is something they’ve always wanted, but yet they haven’t met a man to settle down with. Perhaps, they haven’t fallen in love with the right person. Whatever the case may be, single parenthood is something they may choose.

With fertility treatments and sperm donors, in today’s technological age, it’s entirely possible for a single woman to have a child without being married or being in a relationship. But should they do it? Should a woman choose to become a single mother by choice?

This is a complex issue and there are arguments for and against.

If you are yourself in this situation and agonizing over the decision to become a single parent, there is no easy answer, but maybe these few things you need to carefully consider.

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Childcare Advice: Tips for Interviewing a Nanny

Interviewing a Nanny Finding the perfect nanny for your home and your children is vital. This is someone who will be in your life and in your children’s life day in and day out. You need to ask the right questions so that you can find the most qualified, most reliable caregiver for your children.

Hiring a babysitter or a nanny is a time-consuming process, but you don’t want to rush it because your child’s safety is most important.

There are a few tips to consider before you start interviewing nannies:

Prepare A List of Your Wants and Needs

Before you start your interview with a nanny, be sure that you sit down with your family and write out a list of everyone’s wants and needs. Your wants and needs is a list that includes things like daily duties, discipline procedures, chores, behavior and things like vacation and compensation. It is important that you know before you begin what kind of nanny you are looking for and what you expect from that nanny.

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Sleep FAQs: Why Do Children Need Sleep? How Much Sleep Do They Need?

why do children need sleepSleep is a vital part of our lives. For adults, when we don’t get enough sleep, we are groggy, cranky, and tired. Our concentration isn’t so great, and we are more vulnerable to infections and illnesses. Like adults, children also need to get enough sleep. Younger kids require more sleep than older children, and they may need naps during the day.

When a child is sleep deprived, it can cause them to develop behavioral problems and become very cranky and moody. Their performance at school may suffer, and they aren’t as alert as they need to be to learn. That’s why it’s very important that you help your kids develop good sleep habits at an early age.

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Moving to a Toddler Bed: Strategies for an Easy Transition

Transition to Toddler BedThe transition from crib to toddler bed is a momentous occasion. Your child isn’t a baby anymore. He has entered into toddlerhood and is ready to be a big kid. There’s no set time for making the move to a toddler bed, but most children do make the transition sometime between 18 months and three and a half years old. It’s often best to wait until your child is closer to three, since many younger kids just aren’t ready for a bed – just yet.

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How to Stop Thumb Sucking

how to stop thumb suckingThumb sucking is a natural reflex that begins in the womb. Babies in utero begin sucking their thumb in the second trimester – even as early as 15 weeks of gestation. Sucking is a reflex that babies use to soothe and calm themselves. It makes them feel happy and secure. Babies use sucking to learn about the world around them. Infants suck on pacifiers, thumbs, fingers, and other objects.

Toddlers and young children may suck their thumbs to soothe and comfort themselves. Because thumb sucking is relaxing, it helps babies and young children fall asleep. That’s why you may notice that your toddler or young child starts thumb sucking when they’re getting tired. Thumb sucking allows children to fall asleep more easily, and it helps them sleep through the night at an earlier age than children who don’t thumb suck.

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Potty Training Your Toddler: Helpful Tips and Advice

potty training
Potty training is a huge milestone for many parents. After all, for at least two years – sometimes three -you’ve  been cleaning up the messes your little one has made in his or her diapers.

Many parents excitedly buy the training pants and potty chair, and they enthusiastically explain the whole process to their toddler, hoping that their children catch on to the idea of being a “big kid.” Yet all too often, many children are clueless as to what this all means. Some are downright combative and resistant when mom and dad take them to the toilet.

However, if you follow some of these simple tips, it is likely your child will quickly catch on to potty training, and diapers will become a thing of the past.

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Smarter Kids (Higher IQs) More Likely to Use Drugs

smarter kids, illegal drugsParents beware! If you have a brainy kid, especially a girl, you better watch her carefully. According to a new research study, children with higher IQs are more likely to use illegal drugs when they grow up.

The new study, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, examined over 8,000 people and followed them over three decades. They found that people with higher IQs when they were 5 and 10 years old were more likely to experiment with illicit drugs (such as marijuana, amphetamines, and cocaine) at age 16 and 30.

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Are You Ready for a Baby?

ready for babyBabies are adorable and very lovable, but they do come with a TON of responsibilities. If you’re still trying to conceive, you may want to take a careful look at whether you’re ready for a baby and ready for parenthood. Being a mom is a full-time job – an unpaid job at that. You will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Parenting is hard work; don’t let anyone tell you differently. You can’t take a break, or a vacation from being a mom. Even when you’re not physically near your child, you are responsible for the physical and emotional well-being of him or her. Anxiety and worry will be part of your daily life. Are you ready for this challenge?

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