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Why is My Period Late?

Late PeriodMy period is always on time – always! – but a few weeks ago, when I went on vacation, overseas, I found myself panicking. My period was late. And not only by a few days, but over a week late.

I knew I wasn’t pregnant, but the idea of having a baby completely scared me. Like most of you, pregnancy is a life-changing event and one of the scariest experiences if you’re not planning on having a baby anytime soon. I mean, having a baby is a game changer (and really expensive too boot.)

Fortunately, my period came and went, and I realized it was all the stress and the few extra pounds I had put on, due to the holidays and yummy holiday food I was binging on, and my oversea travels that threw my body for a loop. I went 52 days from one period to the next – so it definitely freaked me out! [click to continue…]


Understanding Toxic Shock Syndrome from Tampons

Toxic Shock SyndromeToxic shock syndrome is a life-threatening bacterial infection that is linked to using tampons. Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) can cause your body to go into shock, and it can cause liver failure, kidney failure and even heart failure.
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Reasons for Missed Period When You’re Not Pregnant

reasons for missed period

What are the reasons for a missed period when you’re not pregnant? For most women, a missed period is typically the first sign of pregnancy. But what can cause a missed period (or a late period) if you’re not pregnant? There are many reasons that cause your period to be late.

(You may also like to read about PMS or Pregnancy? A related article that compares PMS symptoms to the very first pregnancy signs.)
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Travel and Periods – How Traveling Affects Your Period

Travel and Your Periods

In this article, you will learn how travel can affect your period, including why irregular periods and missed periods can be common when you’ve been traveling. 

Travel can affect your period, just like any other “lifestyle change.” Even though your travels are temporary, it is still a disruption in your normal routine. Because the hormones that rule your menstrual cycle can be sensitive to anything new – from stress to your change in eating habits – you can have a delayed period and sometimes, even a missed period – due to your travels.

International travel, in which your body undergoes more of a shock, can definitely cause more of an upheaval to your menstrual cycle than a short weekend trip.
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Uterine Fibroids and Periods

Uterine fibroids are one of the most common causes for period problems. If you have painful periods, heavy bleeding during your periods, or pain during sexual intercourse, it’s possible that you may be suffering from fibroids.

Fibroids affect 20 percent of women (1 woman out of 5) in their reproductive years. The risk of getting a uterine fibroid increases with age. By age 50, an estimated 50 percent of all women (or 1 in 2) have fibroids.
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Period Pain – Causes and How to Ease Your Misery

How to Stop Period Pain

Period pain – the medical term is dysmenorrhea – is one of the most common problems that menstruating women experience. It typically refers to menstrual cramps – the crampy, lower abdominal discomfort and pain that can come and go during your period. It can be sharp pain, or just an all-over achy sensation.

An estimated 9 out of 10 women will have period pain during their reproductive lifespan. For some, the pain is mild and bearable. For other women, they have severe period pain that can be very debilitating and interfere with school and work. Period pain is actually the leading cause of missed school days and work days for women in their teens and 20s.

Period pain is common during your teen years; it usually starts within 4 to 5 years of your first period. For many women, the pain decreases as they age, and by the time women hit their 30s, their period pain is usually mild and not so bothersome. Unfortunately, some women continue to have moderate to severe period pain until they hit menopause. [click to continue…]

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What is Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)?

PMS symptoms

PMS stands for premenstrual syndrome, and it’s classified as a “medical condition” that affects women in their reproductive years (during the years that you have a menstrual period). When a woman is PMSing, she’ll experience a wide variety of emotional and physical symptoms – including crazy mood swings, irritability, bloating, and food cravings.

An estimated 3 out of 4 women (who are menstruating) will experience some level of premenstrual syndrome. PMS tends to be peak when a woman is in her late 20s and early 30s.

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The Birth Control Pill and Weight Gain

Birth Control and Weight Gain

Since the introduction of the birth control pill nearly 50 years ago, its side effects have been scrutizined – such as the link between weight gain and birth control.

Oral contraceptive pills are one of the most popular reversible methods of birth control. You can find dozens of brand names and different formulas available. In the United States, birth control pills and condoms are the two most popular forms of contraception. An estimated 10.7 million American women use the birth control pill to prevent unwanted pregnancies. [click to continue…]


Long Menstrual Periods – Is Your Period Normal?

Is My Period NormalIf you have long periods – you’re bleeding for longer than one week – your period is not normal and this may be a sign that something is going on with you. You may have a reproductive problem, fibroids, cysts, or even something more serious. However, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, if you’re in your 40s and entering perimenopause, or if you’re a teenager who just started having periods, then having a long menstrual period may be normal.

If you have prolonged, heavy periods, you are said to have an irregular menstrual period.

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