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Countdown to Baby: 7 Tips to Help You Prepare for Having a Baby

Countdown to Giving Birth

Once the excitement of your baby’s presence has set in, and your pregnancy progresses through its beautiful and sometimes challenging phases, there are many important tasks to focus on as you prepare yourself for “go-time.”
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Introducing Preggie Baby Boutique – My New Baby Store

I am so excited and thrilled to announce the launch of  – my *new* and completely awesome pregnancy and baby online boutique. It is an extension of this blog, 7sharov-spb.ru – Hip Chick’s Guide to PMS, Pregnancy and Baby. I wanted to introduce my loyal readers and followers to pregnancy and baby products that I trust and love.
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Sleeping with an Electric Blanket while Pregnant – Is It Safe?

electric blanket and pregnancyElectric blankets offer a cozy and convenient way to stay warm during the wintertime and when it’s cold outside. But is it safe to use an electric blanket while pregnant?

In general, it’s probably fine for you to an electric blanket when you’re pregnant; however, you shouldn’t sleep with it on.

Sleeping with an electric blanket while pregnant poses several health concerns. For one, you don’t want to fall asleep with an electric blanket on and accidentally end up overheated, if it’s not at the right temperature. In the first trimester, when your baby’s neural tubes are forming, becoming overheated can disrupt fetal development and may increase the risk of neural tube defects, such as spina bifida. There is also an increase risk of miscarriage when you’re overheated in early pregnancy. [click to continue…]


Epsom Salt Bath While Pregnant

Epsom Salts in Pregnancy

One of the best and safest ways to relieve your pregnancy aches and pains is taking an epsom salt bath while pregnant.

(scientific name is magnesium sulfate) look similar to regular table salt, but it’s different chemically and has different uses. Beware, epsom salt has a distinct bitter taste and is not for flavoring foods. Instead, it is a natural laxative (if you can bear the bitter taste). However, it should not be consumed by pregnant women.

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