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Hip Chick’s Guide to PMS, Pregnancy, and Babies is a creation of 7sharov-spb.ru – a professional health writer and journalist. This website is not affiliated with any other pregnancy, baby, or parenting websites.

The opinions and information expressed in this blog are Ms. Nguyen’s thoughts, comments, etc. While we strive to provide accurate and informative blog posts, we must rely on other sources – medical journals, parenting websites, magazines in some cases, professional health websites, like the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), American Academy of Pediatrics, AAP, National Institutes of Health, etc. For this reason, it’s possible that we may provide inaccurate information at times. We apologize for this. We do strive to be as accurate as possible, but Ms. Nguyen is not a medical doctor nor  has she attended medical school. She is only a health writer.

We do NOT provide medical advice of any kind. Please consult your own doctor or healthcare provider before making any medical decisions. This information is to give you a general idea of the situation. The information may not apply to your individual circumstance. Any response that you may receive in the comments are also NOT medical advice, merely suggestions on what your problem may be. Always, always, always contact your own physician before making any medical decisions. 7sharov-spb.ru is not liable in any legal manner for your actions. If you are using this website, you are agreeing to the fact that this website does NOT offer medical advice. We provide general information, opinions, and parenting advice. Again, we are not a medical organization and we are not medical doctors.

*Always talk to your doctor or healthcare provider before acting upon anything.*

7sharov-spb.ru does write paid posts, which are labeled “sponsored posts.” These paid posts are a revenue source to keep this blog up and running. Other revenue sources for this blog include (but not limited to, since this can change in the future): Lijit, Chitika, My Savings, Escalate Offers, Shopsense Shopstyle, Amazon, and other partners.

Comments on this blog are never deleted, only the spammy ones.

If you are reading this blog and its articles, you are agreeing to this blog disclaimer.

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