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Marijuana in a Bottle: Canna Cola – Another Way to Get High

Pot smokers everywhere are rejoicing this week. Marijuana won’t just available in joints, bongs, pills, candy, or brownies anymore. A California entrepreneur is planning to launch a weed-laced soft drink this year. That’s right – cannabis, pot, Mary Jane, bud, weed (or whatever you want to call marijuana) will soon be available in a soft drink.

The soft drink is called , and it contains THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), the main active psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

Canna Cola is aimed at medical marijuana dispensaries, and it will be available in Colorado next month (February). Colorado is one of the 15 states that have legalized medical marijuana. The marijuana’s claims that the weed-containing soda will be available in “12 more states” this year. According to the , who first wrote about the marijuana drink, Canna Cola may be available in California by this spring.

Clay Butler, the marijuana entrepreneur behind the pot soda, told the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

“I don’t do drugs . . . I never drank, never smoked. I’m a clean-living guy. I’ve had two beers in my whole life, and I remember them both too. No marijuana . . . I take an aspirin when I get a head. That’s it.”

For such an allegedly clean living guy, Butler is working hard to market his marijuana soft drink.

“Even though, personally, I’m not interested and I don’t think it’s right for me,” said Butler, “I’m a firm believer that adults have an inalienable right to think, eat, smoke, drink, ingest, decorate, dress any way they choose to do so. It’s your life; it’s your body.”

Marijuana soda is not a new concept

Canna Cola isn’t the first marijuana soda on the market, Butler told the Santa Cruz Sentinel. However, the marketing of his product will be different. His pot sodas won’t have the “mom-and-pop, hippie-dippy, and rinky-dink” look that other marijuana products have.

Butler wants to market his THC-laced soda similar to how other popular soft drink companies – like Snapple, Coca-Cola, and Minute Maid – would if they ever decided to go into the marijuana beverage industry.

When you look at the Canna Cola logo, you can see it uses the marijuana leaf, but the leaves are made out of bubbles – which suggest soda pop.

According to the , the marijuana soda contains “12 mind blowing ounces,” or roughly 35 to 65 milligrams of THC.

Scott Riddel, founder of Diavola Brands (the company marketing this new marijuana soft drink) said that the levels of THC in Canna Cola are below other weed-laced drinks on the market. He claimed that this medical marijuana cola is similar to a “light beer” with a “mild marijuana taste.”

Many flavors of Canna Cola

In addition to the main Canna Cola soft drink, other flavors in the marijuana line include Doc Weed (Dr. Pepper-like drink), Sour Diesel (lemon-lime), Orange Krush (orange-flavored), and Grape Ape (grape-flavored).

The sodas don’t come cheap, though. Each soda will cost between $10 and $15 for a 12-ounce bottle.

Brownie Law Poses Problems for Soda Makers

On top of the hefty price for just one bottle of the marijuana soda, there’s a bill working its way through Congress that might double the fines for anyone who produces a product that combines marijuana with “a candy product” or anyone marketing these products to children under age 18. The bill is called the Brownie Law SB 258, and was sponsored by Democratic Senator from California, Dianne Feinstein. The bill was passed in the last August (2010), and it’s currently in the House.

In addition to the Brownie bill, the medical marijuana entrepreneurs have other legal challenges against them. Despite a handful of states legalizing medicinal marijuana, marijuana is still illegal under federal law.

15 Legal Medicinal Marijuana States and D.C.

Marijuana is still an illegal substance, but 15 U.S. states have enacted laws to legalize medical marijuana. The fees and possession limit are different state by state. The 15 states include:

  • 1. Alaska (enacted 1998)
  • 2. Arizona (enacted 2010)
  • 3. California (enacted 1996)
  • 4. Colorado (enacted 2000)
  • 5. District of Columbia – D.C. (enacted 2010)
  • 6. Hawaii (enacted 2000)
  • 7. Maine (enacted 1999)
  • 8. Michigan (enacted 2008)
  • 9. Montana (enacted 2004)
  • 10. Nevada (enacted 2000)
  • 11. New Jersey (enacted 2010)
  • 12. New Mexico (enacted 2007)
  • 13. Oregon (enacted 1998)
  • 14. Rhode Island (enacted 2006)
  • 15. Vermont (enacted 2004)
  • 16. Washington (1998)

Learn more about the legality of medicinal marijuana at:

About the author: 7sharov-spb.ru is founder and editor of Hip Chick’s Guide to PMS, Pregnancy and Babies. She’s an expert pregnancy and women’s health blogger. She is NOT a medical doctor and does NOT offer medical advice. Connect with her on , and .

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