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Best Tips to Wash and Care for Plush Toys

clean stuffed toysGuest Post by Mike. 

Do you have plush toys in your house? Do you know how to properly wash and care for your child’s plush toys?

It is imperative that you understand the risk your child runs when playing with dirty toys. Research shows that objects which are frequently touched, such as cell phones, are the most infected with germs. Similarly, when it comes to kids, as compared to the surfaces of other objects, toys have been found to be worst hit by infectious germs that spread viral diseases, such as cold and flu.
The notion “prevention is better than cure” should be applied, especially when it comes to kids. It saves you time, money, and the stress you and your child go through during periods of sickness.

The following tips can save you from the discomfort dirty plush toys can cause you.

Buy the Best Plush Toys

There are different sorts of plush toys available on the toy store shelves. Look at the tags at the back/ bottom of the toys to find out what cleaning methods can be applied to it. Choose those which can be washed in washing machines and dishwashers. Carefully look at the fabric. The more porous and rough the fabric is, the more germs will get stuck over and under it. That’s why it’s wise for parents to choose thicker, less porous and smoother fabric. You should also buy plush toys with strong stitches.

How to Clean Plush Toys

To remove little stains and traces of dirt, take a cloth and slightly dampen it in detergent water. Lightly rub the cloth over the toy until the stain is gone.

The plush toys can either be tossed into the washing machine or into the first rack of the dish washer depending on the instructions given on the tag. The frequency of washing depends on how much the toy is being used. If it is visibly dirty, wash it right away. If it is played once or twice a week by your child, wash it monthly. However, if it is handled by kids on a daily basis in a day care setting, a weekly washing schedule would be recommended.

Simple dirt, such as stains and dust, get washed off by detergent. However, if the plush toy has been played by someone sick, someone with a cold or flu, you’ll have to go the extra mile. Keep the plushie dipped in bleach-water or non-aerosol disinfectant solution for around 10 minutes. Rinse with water and dry in the sun. Both the solution and the sunlight will kill the tough germs that didn’t get killed simply by detergents.

There are certain germs that are too powerful for even non-aerosol disinfectants. Dust mites are one example of such germs. If your child has a relatively weak immune system as compared to kids of his/her age, prevent him/her from getting sick. Do so by covering his/her plush toys with a plastic wrap and keeping them in the freezer for a few hours every week.

The best way to dry the plush toys is to first spin them in the washing machine and then keeping them out in the sun to dry completely. However, if sunlight isn’t available, try keeping them near the heater. But be careful or a part of the toy could melt or get burnt.


Special Thanks to My Guest Blogger,

Mike is a father of two. Over the years, he has learnt the tricks to clean dirty . When is not taking care of his kids, Mike sells toys online

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